exercise quiz bike
Don’t have access to a treadmill or machines? Not to worry! Take it outside and get fit with one of these physical activities…

Kick it old school— Never underestimate the power of good old lunges, crunches and squats. Who needs equipment, anyway?

Try biking to your destination instead of driving— And feel free to take the long route!

Train for a 5K or a half marathon— Not only do you get the unmatched feeling of all of your hard work and training paying off at the finish line, but races often benefit a great cause!

Try out a new sport— Get together with your friends or family and get in shape by practicing a new sport that involves strength in both legs and arms. A great sport to do so is Cricket which is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players each on a cricket field. You might even think it’s similar to softball since at the centre there is a rectangular 20-metre pitch with a target at each end. You can look for Non turf cricket pitch systems to begin with until you have determined your preference. You’ll never know if you fall’ll in love with something new.

Join (or form) an intramural team— You might be surprised at what sports are out there! Try something new. Ditch the worn-out soccer ball for a frisbee and see what happens!

Pay attention to parks— You probably pass at least one every day; take a second to check it out. Go for a brisk walk or get a game going with your friends… these wide-open spaces are not to be overlooked.