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Everything, Everything is a story of Madeline, who is 17 years old. She is stuck in her house because she has an immune deficiency, so she is allergic to the world, essentially. She has been homebound for 17 years. One day a super-cute boy named Ollie moves in next door and Madeline’s whole life changes. She has been content, but Ollie makes her want things like life and the world. Read on to find out what else Nicola Yoon has to say about her debut novel!

What or who was the inspiration behind your book?
I started writing it when my daughter was four months old, so I was a new mom. I was very protective. I think all new moms fall in love and we all start to worry about someone else and their safety. That’s what I did with my daughter… I was a little bit neurotic. I started thinking about what it would be like if there was a girl who had to live her entire life like this. What if she needed protection her entire life? What would that do to the girl, and what would that do to the mom? Really my daughter, Penelope, was the inspiration for the book… the need and the drive to protect her. I now always say, “You can eat dirt, honey. Just wash your hands after!” At the beginning I was like, “Oh, my gosh! Everyone out of here!”

Fans of ____ would like my book.
Fans who like philosophical questions and fans of love. There are authors who I admire, like John Green, who I think would like the book. I minored in philosophy; I like the big questions. I like to think about what love means and the things people do for it. Is it really all there is? I like to think so. There are tradeoffs for being in love. When you really love someone, you could lose them, too. Is the heartbreak worth it? I really love thinking about things like that. If you have a philosophical bent you might like my book!

What are your top three favorite books? 
The Little Prince is one of my favorites, and it’s actually in Everything, Everything. I also love The Great Gatsby and The Bluest Eye.