Ever feel the sting of comparison or the pressure of competition with other girls? Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common feeling among women, and it can severely affect self-esteem through your middle school and high school years. So how can we ditch the drama and foster more daily positivity? The Girl Scouts are tackling the issue with National Stand Beside Her Week, happening now through November 5. During this week, find ways to #standbesideher and support girls in your community, like showing encouragement to a classmate or mentoring younger girls in your school. By making the commitment to stand beside the girls and women around us, we can harness some serious girl power and help foster a greater sense of community among young women for generations to come.

Want to participate in the movement in more ways? Show support for the ladies in your life by using the hashtag #standbesideher today! Plus, for more information about National Stand Beside Her Week, go to StandBesideHer.org.