It seems like there’s a special day for everything lately, but here’s one holiday that you don’t want to miss! National Best Friends Day is June 8, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to plan a whole day of fun with your BFF. Every girl needs a partner in crime; someone she can look to for advice and who can constantly make her laugh. Here at Justine, we’re obsessing over the friendship between Shadowhunters co-stars Kat McNamara and Emeraude Toubia, so we caught up with the girls to get the inside scoop on their friendship. Whether you’re celeb besties or down home BFFs, National Best Friends Day is the perfect time to let your pal know she is appreciated!

Looking for ways to celebrate with your BFF today? Here are a few of our favorite ways to toast your friendship on National Best Friends Day:

  1. Head to Starbucks and surprise your bestie with her favorite drink. Whether it’s a Frappuccino or just a simple latte, it’ll kick her day off with a great start!
  1. Shopping spree time! Go to the mall and have your best friend pick out an outfit for you while you pick out an outfit for her. This way, you can show her how much you appreciate her and her style.
  1. Grab your favorite bikinis and lay out at the neighborhood pool. This is a fun and relaxing way to have some bonding time while working on that summer tan. Don’t forget to grab your sunscreen!
  1. Once you’re bronzed and beautiful, you and your BFF should cool off by grabbing food to-go at your fave local restaurant. Go all out. Calories don’t count on National Best Friends Day! Take your food to a pretty picnic spot where you can chill outdoors and enjoy the summer day.
  1. Don’t forget to document your day! If you have a Polaroid or disposable camera, snap some memories that you can put in a frame or photo book.
  1. Wish your friendship a happy birthday! Bake your favorite kind of cupcakes. Once they’re cooled, coat them with icing and stick a candle on top of each one. Yay for BFFs!