Ditch the drama and opt for something light and fun to watch this spring with the soon-to-be hit Me and My Grandma, airing exclusively on YouTube Red. YouTube darling Eva Gutowski is the genius behind this hilarious new comedy series, and she’s taking on the starring role and giving viewers a glimpse into her own relationship with her grandma.

Eva plays Janey, a girl from Michigan who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry. Her grandma, played by comedy legend Rhea Perlman, joins Janey on her Hollywood adventures, and the result is some great stories and a ton of laughs.

We caught up with Eva to get the scoop on the new show, and she shared all the hilarious details about her own amazing grandma, who sounds like the coolest grandparent ever. Watch as Eva plays our game “Me and My Grandma” and shares some hilarious stories from her own childhood. Plus, don’t miss Me and My Grandma streaming now on YouTube Red!