If actress Ysa Penarejo had to describe herself in three words, she’d choose¬†quirky, kind and friendly. Ysa has the perfect combo of beauty and brains, and she’s the kind of girl who always carries snacks around with her on set just in case hunger strikes.

When it comes down to it, she’s not so different from her on-screen counterpart, the brainy Camryn Coyle on Netflix’s Project Mc2. Camryn Coyle is all about construction, and she puts her knowledge of engineering to use to help her fellow NOV8 spies. As for Ysa, she’s drawn to more artistic hobbies, having pursued her love for dance since the age of four. Ysa combines her passion for the arts and her acting skills to bring Camryn Cole to life on Project Mc2, and she’s inspiring a new generation of girls to pursue STEAM topics in school.

Get to know more about the lovely Ysa Penarejo in our one-on-one interview with her above!