Who: Dominic (“Dom”) Sherwood

Character: Jace Wayland—the ultimate Shadowhunter, but also the ultimate”bad boy” we love to hate… or is it hate to love? Jace finds himself drawn to Clary and suddenly his narcissistic ways become oddly endearing.

Where you may have seen him before: A girl doesn’t just forget beautifully mismatched eyes like that! Dominic was the handsome mystery man in Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video. He also played Christian in Vampire Academy, alongside his now girlfriend, Sarah Hyland.

Why we love him: Aside from him obvious physical appearance and his oh-so-charming accent, Dominic is someone we could totally be best friends with. Similar to Jace, his sarcasm and wit are some of our favorite qualities, and the guy obviously has good taste. We’ve been girlcrushing on Sarah Hyland for a while now!