Meet Country Cutie Allie Louise

Sixteen-year-old Allie Louise is taking her sass and near-perfect vocal technique to the world of country as she pursues her dream of being a country music star. She’s always loved being in the spotlight and performing for her family, and her passion for music started at a very early age. The youngest of six kids and the self-described drama queen of her family, Allie’s choice of career wasn’t a huge surprise to those close to her. Allie’s self-titled EP, featuring her single “Stilettos,” couldn’t come soon enough for her growing throng of fans. Check out some highlights from our interview with Allie Louise below, and don’t miss her new EP, Allie Louise, available now on iTunes!

On her musical beginnings: “Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to sing. So I started taking music lessons around the age of five. Around 10, I saw Taylor Swift perform with her guitar and sing, and I thought ‘Hey, maybe that could be me.’ I learned guitar at the age of 10, and I kind of instantly started songwriting and putting my thoughts into lyrics and putting them to music. I started opening for bands, and eventually I had the chance to get down to Nashville and work with some amazing people.”

On breaking into the music industry: “It was definitely very hard getting down to Nashville and just getting the chances. But I’ve been backed and supported by so many amazing people that I really have nothing to complain about. At this age, to be able to do what I’m doing, it’s absolutely a dream come true.”

On her day-to-day life: “I go to my public high school for four hours, and then I have two online classes. I’m able to be flexible and be there to socialize, but I can also do classes while I’m traveling.”

Her country idols: “Carrie Underwood is one of the main ones with her classiness and her amazing vocal technique. I’ve also always loved Patsy Cline. She was an amazing artist and always one to look up to. Then you have Reba McEntire and her sassiness. And Miranda Lambert. The fact that they’re able to hold their own is really inspiring.”

The making of “Stilettos”: “I was in the studio with my producer and he was like, ‘Hey I got this song sent to me by a couple of writers.’ They were all women, which was really cool. So I was sitting there listening to it and I just knew right from the beginning when it says ‘They say that it’s a man’s world, rough and tough, not built for girls.’ Those lyrics really stuck with me. You don’t hear this type of music on country radio. I know that there’s this transition happening in music today, and I thought this would be perfect. I think there needs to be more songs out there like “Stilettos” to really show confidence. It just lets people know that women can hold their own and look fabulous while doing it in their stilettos.”

Her dream artist for a duet: “There are a ton of people, but first I would love to be able to do a duet with Luke Bryan or Thomas Rhett.”

On inspiring young girls: “I just want people to know, especially young women, that you’re going to have insecurities, you’re not going to be perfect. You’re gonna have people that don’t like you. You’re not going to be able to impress everybody, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have worth. You are amazing exactly how you are. There’s going to be people who see that. Those are the people you want around you. You want people around you who support you and not people who tear you down. Just understand your own confidence and your own self worth and that you’re amazing exactly how you are!”

On her future plans: “Right now I’m working on some more music. Just writing and sending songs out and maybe, possibly recording a little more. The snowball is rolling and I’m super excited to see where it goes.”

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