We all know that navigating high school can be tough, but for Frankie Gaines, things are about to get seriously challenging. The title character of Nickelodeon’s newest live action drama I Am Frankie has a big secret: she’s really an android trying to fit in as a typical high schooler. Frankie, played by the adorable Alex Hook, must try to make friends, ride the roller coaster of teenage emotions and play it cool in school–even though her computerized insides mean that she’s a total genius. She may be full of serious brainpower, not to mention wires and circuits, but this girl is having a tricky time keeping her secret identity under wraps!

How long will Frankie fly under the radar with her secret past and special abilities? You’ll have to tune in to see! Don’t miss Nickelodeon’s new hit, airing daily Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon!  And get ready to fall in love with the cast of I Am Frankie in our up close and personal interviews with the actors!