Imagine living in Australia and having a long-distance boyfriend in the USA. One day, you walk into the guest room at your house and there he is with flowers. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Well our #MCM, the hilarious and sweet Gabriel Conte, did this very thing for his girlfriend, and yes, he captured the whole surprise on camera for our viewing pleasure. It’s safe to say that Gabriel Conte is total #MCM material, so get to know him better in the video above!

When we sat down with Gabriel at VidCon, we knew we had to find out more about his love life—it’s been giving us #goals for a while now—and his life behind the camera lens! Gabriel shared how he got his start on YouTube and even hinted at some of his upcoming acting projects, plus he answered our most pressing questions with a little game of Fishbowl and a segment called “Gabriel Conte Decodes Guys!” Thanks, Gabriel, for raising the bar for our future guys! *swoon*