Looking for a room revamp to get things moving in the right direction this year? Look no further than MayBaby, YouTube star Meg DeAngelis‘ exclusive room décor collaboration with PBteen! We (along with her 4.2 million subscribers) have been fans of Meg’s hilarious yet informative videos for a while now, so it’s no surprise that we’re every bit as smitten with her collection. Check it out for yourself and see what she has to say about it…

Justine Magazine: Why home décor? Have you always been interested in design?

Meg DeAngelis: Ever since I started YouTube, my filming setup has been in my bedroom. I’ve had so much fun playing around with different colors and themes in my setup throughout the last few years. A lot of my videos also have something to do with room décor like storage hacks or Tumblr-inspired DIY.

JM: In what ways is this collection a reflection of  yourself?

MD: The collection is all about having fun with bright pieces and not being afraid to mix patterns. I think the free-spirited vibe of the collection really reflects the message that I always try to send in my videos, which is to be yourself, no matter how weird you think you are.


JM: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

MD: Yes! My favorite piece is the smirk face emoji phone holder. I love how mischievous that emoji is and the fact that Pottery Barn was down to make a phone holder of it just makes me so happy!

JM: We’ve all had VIP access to your room and your living quarters thanks to your YouTube videos, but how would you describe your space in your own words?

MD: My space is a playground. I have way too many Slinkies and random objects that I can’t seem to stop stepping on, but that’s what makes it me, I guess. My room is a lot like the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts (minus the cursed notebooks and pixies, of course).


JM: Would you say your followers and fans have influenced this collection? How so?

MD: My viewers are my number one motivation for everything I do, so their support and response to my videos have definitely influenced the collection. I wanted the collection to be something that they would have fun with.

JM: How did it feel to see your work in a store or online for the first time?

MD: It was the weirdest thing ever. My viewers had been tweeting me pictures from their local malls of my photo on walls and the collection in the front display and stuff, but it was almost like I couldn’t believe it until I was standing in front of it. The Pottery Barn team did such an amazing job with how they displayed it in the stores, I liked it more than my own bedroom!