Gordon Ramsey kids

Jack, Holly, Gordon, Tilly, Megan

Watching MasterChef Junior on Fox is the best part of our Friday nights! And what do we love more than watching genius kids cook? Gordon Ramsay judging them, of course! The award-winning chef is known for his toughness in the kitchen, but this father of four is undoubtedly charming when it comes to kids. We recently sat down with Gordon and his teenagers, twins Jack and Holly and daughters Tilly and Megan, to see what it’s like to have this outspoken chef as your dad.

Although he may seem like the harshest critic in the world, Gordon says he only has three rules for his children: eat your vegetables, don’t smoke and don’t date until you’re 21. His only other suggestion? For each of his kids to find their passion and pursue it. “That takes you on an amazing journey,” he says. “Sometimes it’s a passion that doesn’t necessarily have to be academic; because I wasn’t that academic and cooking was sort of a secondary grasp based on the upset in sport. You can’t give up after the first hurdle. We’re all going to hit those kinds of blocks, but find your passion. And stand strong in that.”

And how would he deal with an outspoken boss like himself? Take it all as constructive criticism, he suggests. “My act is constructive. I want a solution. [I ask] how do we find that solution?” Clearly, Gordon doesn’t shy away from attacking a problem head-on, both on the show and in his parenting. “We’ve all had hurdles to jump over, but it’s moving on from that, I think. So it’s less sensitivity and a little bit more honesty, I think.”

We loved getting to know Gordon Ramsay’s fatherly side and the different personalities of each of his teenagers. Here are just a few tips we learned from each of the Ramsay kids on their lives both inside and outside the kitchen.

Favorite things to cook?
Tilly: Meringues
Megan: Brownies—they’re my weak point. I love brownies!
Jack: Burgers
Holly: Fairy cakes—a UK version of a cupcake… light as a fairy!

Interests outside of the kitchen?
Holly: Fashion. Her favorite brands right now are Rag and Bone, Brandi Melville and Top Shop.
Megan: Sports, healthy eating and photography

Suggestions for romantic cooking for your significant other?
Jack: Cupcakes, chocolate or a heart-shaped brownie!

The best dish for beginner chefs?
Tilly: Pasta or something simple at home

Be sure to tune into all-new MasterChef Junior Fridays at 8/7c on Fox!