marissa meyer

The final book of The Lunar Chronicles, Winter, is the epic conclusion to the series, and it is based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In it, we will see all the characters from the previous books as they converge to try to start a revolution and take down the evil queen once and for all.

Which genre will your book fall under and what attracted you to it?
The Lunar Chronicles are usually referred to as science fiction, but I personally like to call them “Space Opera” because I think it sounds much bigger and more epic! I love “Space Opera.” I love Star Wars. I love Firefly and these stories that are very big in scale and have wars, revolutions, battles, horrible evil villains, but also there’s a huge focus on characters and their stories and how they evolve over the course of the story.

What would be the perfect theme song for your book?
For Winter and for really the entire Lunar Chronicles, the theme song that I’ve felt fits the books from the beginning is “Invincible” by Muse. It’s a song that, for a rock song, is softer and ballad-like, but it builds wonderfully. The theme of the song is very much that if you can stick together and form a team, then you can defeat the villain and take down “the man.” I always felt like it had a great revolutionary vibe to it. The Lunar Chronicles are very much about these outcast characters all forming a group, and they all need each other if they’re going to succeed.  

Which of your characters do you most closely relate to?
For me, the character that I am the most like is Cress, who is the main character of the third book of the series. I associate with her a lot because she is a huge dreamer. She has this incredible imagination and the ability when she’s frightened or nervous to escape into a fantasy world that she has built up for herself. As a child, I had a huge, overactive imagination. That’s, of course, turned into me becoming a writer. It worked out really well! I connect with her a lot on that, in just having all these daydreams and fantasies and imagining who I want to be and molding myself into that person over time.

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