by Daisye Rainer

It’s no secret that being a high school student can be tough—balancing grades, activities, relationships. The new Facebook Watch series Five Points addresses the many pressures that high schoolers face as it tells the story of a life-changing event from the perspective of five high school students, whose own viewpoints expose the truth of what happened that day. Five Points delves into the important issues high school students may deal with at their own schools—from body image to bullying to depression.

We recently chatted with former Justine cover girl and Five Points star Madison Pettis, who plays “It-Girl” Tosh in the series, about the show and its messages. Plus we caught up with her on what she’s working on and her own “points” of advice for Justine readers.

Justine: Tell us a little bit about your character Tosh. Did you find her hard to portray?

Madison Pettis: Tosh is a mean girl, so I was really excited to play a character who was very different from me. She’s a perfectionist and an over-achiever. She deals with a lot of pressure from her parents and her peers to be perfect all the time . . . I think a lot of teenage girls, including me, can relate. She has a lot of insecurities, and I think that’s where her mean girl persona comes from. She tends to project her insecurities onto other people.

J: What’s the best part about working on Five Points?

MP: The best part of working on set was definitely hanging out with the cast. We’re all super close, and it was really fun. Haley Kiyoko is one of my really great friends now. All the boys on the show were so much fun—and working with [executive producer] Kerry Washington was incredible. She’s been a role model for me for a really long time.

J: What do you hope that fans will get out of the show?

MP: I’ve been so happy with the response so far from the people who have been watching it. Everyone has said that it’s really relatable…and they can relate to the issues that we talk about in the show. We touch on quite a few topics throughout the show that I hope people who are struggling with any of the things we talk about can sort of feel that they’re not alone when they’re watching. Plus it can help start really important conversations with people around them.

J: You’re only nineteen and you’ve already accomplished so much. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the acting world?

MP: I would say take classes. You know, I took a lot of acting classes when I got started, and I used to work with an acting coach a lot. Acting is just like any other thing . . . if you want to be a good basketball player, you have to work on your craft and learn a lot and learn from other people and just practice all the time. So take acting classes, stay focused and believe in yourself. If it’s something you really love…stay with it and believe in your dreams.

J: What’s on your upcoming radar?

MP: I hope we do a second season of Five Points, that would be amazing. I really want to continue that story and continue telling the characters’ different stories. Also, right now I have a recurring voice-over role on a new Disney Jr. animated series called Fancy Nancy…I do a lot of voice-over works. And beyond that, I have a few projects coming up that I can’t quite talk about yet.

The Five Points story doesn’t end here! Watch every episode of Season 1, only on Facebook Watch.

*All images courtesy of Five Points/Facebook.