With a clothing line, a new book series, and appearing on every red carpet in Hollywood, you wouldn’t think Maddie Ziegler had any down time to take a breather! Maddie, clearly the busiest girl in the business, stopped by to dish on the exciting new items on her agenda, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this multi-talented dancer/singer/actress/writer/fashionista/#girlboss!

Justine Magazine: Of all the projects you’re working on right now, which one has you the most excited? Can you tell me a little about it?

Maddie Ziegler: There’s been so many that I’m working on that I love. I recently came out with a book called The Audition which is very exciting. It’s about a dancer, and I’m very happy to share it with everyone.

JM: How did you find time to write a book series with such a busy schedule?

MZ: It is hard, but I don’t do it alone. I do have people that really help me through my busy schedule. Any second I have down time, my mom is like “Gotta go do this!”

JM: What message do you hope that young girls will take from the book?

MZ: The message I hope young girls will take from this book is to never stop chasing your dreams and you will achieve what you put your mind to. Harper, who is the main girl in this book, has to deal with moving and starting a whole new chapter in her life, coming into this new competitive dance studio, and going through a bunch of challenges, but she is so passionate about dance that that’s really the only thing that matters to her.

JM: Do you have a piece of advice for young girls with big dreams like you?

MZ: I would say my advice is to not let anyone stop you and just go for what you want. That’s the only thing that matters.  There’s no rules when it comes to chasing your dreams and you shouldn’t let anyone push you down. You can let them fall down and you can just keep going up and up, and I think that’s really important. Also, don’t forget to have fun! I went to Kalahari recently and it was incredible. Being in the largest indoor waterpark in America was so fun. It really reminded me that even though I am so busy, I have to take time to be a kid.

JM: Of all the red carpets you’ve walked, and there have certainly been a few, is there an event that stands out as the most magical night you’ve ever had?

MZ: There’s a lot! I think actually one of my favorites was the Teen Choice Awards! I got to walk the red carpet with my best friend Millie Bobby Brown, which was really cool. She was telling me, “I’ve dreamed of this moment,” and I was like, “Me too!” It was so much fun. We had a great time, we were laughing, and it’s so cool to look back and remember that we did that together! It was pretty awesome.

JM: Of all of the red carpet looks that you’ve gotten to wear, is there one that stands out in your mind as your favorite?

MZ: Oh, for sure! Definitely when I walked the Grammy’s with Sia. We wore Armani suits and we were just so serious standing together holding hands. That was definitely a moment I will never forget. People say it was iconic. Sia actually couldn’t see at all, so we had to guide her where to walk because her wig was covering her face. We had a great time!

JM: Can you tell us a little bit about your clothing line? What is the inspiration behind it?

MZ: My clothing line, called Maddie Style, is very important to me. It’s been a year since I started working on it. We just came out with a new collection for the holidays and I’ve had the best time doing it, getting to pick out fabrics and design it how I want. Something cool about this past collection that we did is that all the illustrations that are embroidered on the denim are personal ones that I drew. It feels so sentimental to me and so authentic and I love that girls are wearing it!