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Release your inner superhero this fall with these playful pieces inspired by our fave superheroes and comics! Whether you’re feeling powerful like Wonder Woman or just want to lend a hand like Spider-Man, you can now go the extra mile. With the Marvel collection for Forever 21 and Wet Seal, you’re sure to make a statement, catch some eyes and who knows—maybe even swoop in and save the day! Lucy Hale loves the look. How adorable is her comic outfit from Pretty Little Liars? We all know she manages to keep the drama on lockdown and look amazing at the same time.

comic pullover forever21
Forever 21 $23

comic dress wetseal2
Wet Seal $19

comic skirt wet seal
Wet Seal $13

comic leggings forever21
Forever 21 $15

comic wet seal leggings2
Wet Seal $11

comic necklace forever21
Forever 21 $7

comic ring forever21
Forever 21 $4

comic backpack forever21
Forever 21 $25