Here at Justine, we’re no strangers to girls chasing big dreams, so naturally, we jumped at the chance to chat with 23-year-old movie director and producer Marlee Roberts. Not only is this go-getter killing it on the movie scene, she’s using her talents to speak out on one the most gripping, yet all-too-real issues in girls’ lives today—eating disorders. Marlee recently wrapped on her latest project, Little Miss Perfect, which chronicles the life of an overachieving high school freshman who bears the burden of attempting to control her life by controlling her weight. And did we mention that the talented actress who stars in the film is none other than Marlee’s little sis, Karlee? The dynamic duo hopes to inspire others to talk about eating disorders and to encourage those struggling to seek help. In honor of the special screening of  Little Miss Perfect in New York City this week, we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek into just what went into the movie and the girls’ message for those who have been affected by eating disorders in some way. Check it out and sign up here for updates on the release date!

Marlee and Karlee get real about eating disorders:

Update: The wait is over! Indie drama Little Miss Perfect is set to release on iTunes on November 18, so don’t miss your chance to stream the film that has stirred up a ton of festival buzz. Plus, check out Justine‘s behind the scenes interviews with Little Miss Perfect creator, director and producer Marlee Roberts right here!

This content was originally posted on March 1, 2016.