We all know Lindsey Stirling for her seriously amazing and innovative violin skills, but there’s more to this composer and performer than meets the eye. She may be able to kill it on stage with her “classical strings meet electronic dance music” interpretations, but turns out, she’s dealt with insecurities and tough stuff just like anyone else. Lindsey recently showed off yet another of her talents; she wrote a book called The Only Pirate at the Party. “What does that title even mean?” you ask. Let’s just say that it’s not often you find a pirate at a party, so you can imagine the self-doubt and  embarrassment that stem from being “the only pirate at the party,” as Lindsey puts it. So take heart: if someone as fiercely fabulous as Lindsey Stirling has had moments of doubt, there’s no reason you shouldn’t tackle yours head-on… after all, you’re fiercely fabulous too! If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up or some genuine words of encouragement from someone who’s been there, this book is for you.