Fourteen-year-old fashion designer Lili Sidonio has your fall essentials covered with her new teen line, Lili Sidonio X Molly Bracken. Lili may be young by industry standards, but she’s no stranger to the world of fashion. Her parents are the founders of French-based line Molly Bracken, and Lili has used her lifetime’s worth of exposure to the fashion industry to bring Parisian chic to American girls. Get more info on Lili’s sophisticated street style in our interview below!

Justine Magazine: Your parents are the founders of the clothing brand Molly Bracken, so obviously you are familiar with the industry. What made you decide you wanted to start your own line? 

Lili Sidonio: “I’ve been wanting to do my collection for a long time. It’s a big project. I did MINIMOLLY when I was nine because I wanted to dress like my mom and my sister, but I didn’t really do the styles. My mom did it. So when I got to do my collection with my clothes and everything, I was very happy.”

JM: What was your inspiration when creating the collection?

LS: “I look a lot at Instagram, at what bloggers post. I read a lot of magazines, and I get inspired for what they talk about and what people like. I wanted to do something that people can wear every day. I looked at what people wear in the streets, so I can really do something that everybody can wear.”

JM: Did you have a type of girl in mind when you were designing?

LS: “Well, I did some for high school so I could wear them—so they’d be my size. I’m too small for Molly Bracken for adults, and too big for children. So I’m doing this so women of any age that are smaller or have the body of younger women who are in high school can wear it every day, and they can be comfortable.”

JM: What type of advice did your parents have for you?

LS: “My mom, when I designed the collection, she checked on how much the materials would cost. She looked at the production and who would wear my designs. I really like haute couture—high fashion—but I knew I needed to do more simple things for every day. So my mom was there to make sure I didn’t do things out of line. I like the business side, but really the fashion side is what interests me the most.”

JM: Do you have favorite pieces from the collection?

LS: “There are pants that you can wear all the time, and there are little school shirts that can tie a knot [at the neck]. I really like those because they’re easy to wear and they look really nice. My friends can really do this style easily and for school. And I’ve got a bomber jacket that says Paris on the back, and there’s an M for Molly.”

JM: Is there one piece that will transition well from season to season, that you’ll just wear all the time?

LS: “I like sweatshirts. I wear those a lot at school. There’s also a top with bell sleeves. I love it. I’d wear that all the time.”

JM: Is there another designer you would love to collaborate with some day?

LS: “Carl Lagerfeld of Chanel, I think. I like Alessandro Michele. I really like what he does. And Victoria Beckham. I love Victoria Beckham.”

JM: What are the pieces you feel every teen girl should have in her closet? 

LS: “The pants I was talking to you about. A good sweater that you can really wear with everything. Something funny or eccentric, but in a color that goes with everything, but it still looks like she has the courage to wear something more eccentric.”