We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve ultimately loved Disney Channel’s Jessie starring Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson. Now that the show is coming to a close with the season finale on Oct. 16, we’re sad to say goodbye to our favorite nanny and her adventurous kids, but so excited for their new projects! Peyton, Skai and Karan will be on Disney’s Bunk’d and Cameron Boyce is moving on to Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. As for Debby? The countdown is on for new music from the adorable redhead! For now, we’re reminiscing on some of our favorite one-on-ones with the crew.



Skai Jackson (Zuri Ross) on confidence: Never let someone bring you down. Even if they call you a weird name or say your freckles are weird or your hair is weird… it’s unique. You can only be yourself and not wish to be someone else.

Karan Brar (Ravi Ross) on decoding guys: Guys are extremely stupid. We are so dumb. We don’t take hints. Being straightforward doesn’t hurt our feelings—it actually helps us so we understand better.

Cameron Boyce (Luke Ross) on dancing: You just have to be confident, that’s the main thing. You just have to go for it.

Peyton List (Emma Ross) on fashion: Just because you see something on a mannequin doesn’t mean you have to wear it just like that. Mix things up and find new things! I was at Fashion Week and I wore this light blue pant suit… I loved it but I didn’t know if other people were going to love it. But then I thought, “If I love it, I might as well wear it and it doesn’t really matter as long as I feel good in it.” You have to take risks and if you like it, just do it.

Debby Ryan (Jessie Prescott) on beauty must-haves: I always carry foundation that is a little darker and more pink than my skin tone so that I can contour my eyes and jawline, and then I use the lighter foundation to highlight. That’s always a good go-to as well as gold creme eye shadow. Just a little to highlight the nose, the apples of the cheeks, the brows…

On finding a balance: I had it on lock for the first five years of my career. And then one day you realize you stopped being a person… being an actual person is almost more emotionally exhausting and it’s easier to kind of not feel and be a robot. What can you cut out of your life to make love a priority? And not even romantic love. Family love, the people you care about, my freaking cats! I text my grandma now and I’m like, “What are you doing? I miss you.” It’s important to do that; it’s good for your heart, too.

On seeking advice: Something that I tell myself all the time, I wrote as a lyric. When I wrote it, I wrote it as part of a bridge for a song called “Mulholland Drive.” I thought I was writing it for Rowan Blanchard (Girl Meets World). I was like, “You’re smart and you’re capable. The world is not easy. The world you are in is not going to be easy. You’re never going to be at it alone and keep fighting. It’s hard but don’t look down. Don’t trip.” I ended up listening to the bridge back when I was going through a really tough time in my career and I was like, “Oh, I also wrote it for young me.” One of the lines, “It will all make sense someday” I wish someone (had) told me. like “everything you’re fighting for and everything that’s coming against you and if there are doors getting closed in your face, it’s all going to make sense. It’s worth it. I promise it’s worth it.” 

On leaving a legacy: At the end of the day, the parties you went to in high school, the miniskirt everyone is wearing that you saved up for… those things are not going to the ground with you. At the end of the day, what is your legacy? What is something that you can inspire? It’s love. If one person could look someone in the eye and say, “You’re incredible and you’re valuable and you’re powerful.” Just one person can encourage someone to be like that.

And how could we forget Mrs. Kipling, the one and only pet lizard?! Yep. We got the lowdown on this beloved character, too…