Hannah Nordberg, Laurie Hernandez and Nina Lu


If we’re being honest, sometimes it’s easy look at our busy schedules and feel completely overcommitted and overwhelmed. With social media overload and the looming pressure to be perfect, how do you learn to balance school, family and fun in a way that still feels manageable? We caught up with Justine cover girl and balance beam queen Laurie Hernandez to get some tips on finding life balance despite a busy schedule, and her advice was totally on point.

We joined Laurie and the stars of the new An American Girl Story – Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance to talk about making hard decisions when  commitments overlap. Ivy & Julie 1976 follows the story of Ivy (BUNK’D‘s Nina Lu), who is forced to choose between her big gymnastics meet and a special family event, and her bestie Julie (General Hospital’s Hannah Nordberg), who is coping with her parents’ divorce. Laurie and the girls weighed in on some funny, fantasy and real-life scenarios to show that finding balance and making commitments is something we all have to learn. Plus, Laurie even showed the American Girl stars some of her gymnastics moves, and now we’re even more obsessed with our bubbly cover girl.

Check out Laurie’s expert advice and her gymnastics tips, and don’t miss the premiere of An American Girl Story – Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance premiering March 24 on Amazon Prime Video!