In the world of fitness, dieting and #motivationmondays, it’s safe to say that we could all use a dose of body positivity when it comes to working out. Social media is full of so many perfect-looking bodies; it can be easy to get discouraged if your body type doesn’t seem to fit the norm. So how do we get healthy while battling our own negative body image and the trap of comparison?

Enter Kira Kosarin and her fitness Instagram account @kiragettinfit, a collection of fitness shots, healthy meal pics and positive encouragement to kickstart your wellness journey. Kira wants to encourage you to enjoy the process instead of dwelling on the end goal or the number on the scale. Her account has an inspiring and refreshing take on fitness, and her relatable approach to working out and eating healthy is exactly what we need right now. Get your daily dose of real talk about fitness and health by following @kiragettinfit on Instagram.

“It’s been really, really fun to hear everyone’s response,” Kira tells Justine. “I’m just trying to be honest on [my account]. I’m not a fitness god; I’m not perfect; I had a whole box of Girl Scout cookies the other day. It happens. So I’m just trying to be as open as I can about it and kind of showing people that it’s ok to aim to be really healthy and also allow yourself to fail.”

Want to know more about the background of Kira’s fitness Insta? Hear Kira talk about her inspo for the account, and learn how she hopes it will impact girls and their overall attitude about fitness. It’s all in the video below!