Springtime is almost here, which means we’re focusing in on the biggest event of the season—prom! From the dress to the date to the promposal, there are so many details to consider in making prom the perfect night. Will you take a date or hang with your girlfriends? Do you prefer long gowns or short party dresses? Should you wear a more formal updo or keep your hair down and casual? These are the questions we’ll be asking this spring, so we brought in some reinforcements to help us make these critical prom choices.

Our cover girl, Kelsea Ballerini, weighed in on all things prom, including her favorite styles of dresses, some of her own positive prom experiences and one date disaster. Find out Kelsea’s feelings on the big night, and shop some Kelsea-approved styles like this white floral look, this art deco inspired dress and this soft pink princess gown from one of our faves, Sherri Hill!

Kelsea Prom