Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez can now add another title to her resume . . . fashion queen! The former Justine cover girl is the first face of JCPenney’s newest tween collection, Ob.sess, and we’re obsessed with the feminine, casual clothes with styles ranging from cold-shoulder and peplum tops to bright floral print and embroidered jeans. We caught up with Laurie while traveling in Portland, OR, on launch day to learn more about Ob.sess, hear what else she is obsessed about and see what’s on her radar for the rest of 2018.

Tell us about Ob.sess and your involvement in the design process: “I was so excited and honored to work with JCPenney to create a line that’s comfortable—for every girl—with the sizes ranging from 7 to 20. I had lots of say in the both the style choices and the colors. It was so exciting to create this because it’s the spring and summer line and the colors embody that.”

Your favorite Ob.sess piece in the line: “The teal bomber jacket with pink flowers embroidered on the sleeves. It’s my favorite.”

Ob.sess piece you might wear to do a backflip in: “Definitely the jean jacket with the star embroidered on it. It’s super stretchy so it’s even more comfortable to wear.”

Go-to exercises when traveling: “I typically will do anything with body weights . . . so pushups and squats. And sometimes I even do handstands against the wall in my hotel room (laughing).”

What’s on your bucket list for 2018? “One thing is definitely finishing up my last year of high school. I am very excited for that. I have less than 2 semesters left, so being home schooled from third grade on, it will be a big honor to finish that. And also to get my driver’s license, hopefully as soon as possible!”

Favorite artists on rotation: “I’m obsessed with Dua Lipa and Rita Ora, and I’m still waiting for Tori Kelly to release her new album.”

Favorite TV shows to binge watch:  “Recently Law and Order: SVU and The Blacklist. Those are the shows I have been pretty up to date on for a very long time.”

Will we see you at the 2020 Olympics? “I sure hope so. I’ve taken a year and a half off so I already miss it. So, yes, I would love to come back. I’ll start training probably in the summer. Everything that I am doing now, like eating habits and the way I work out now, has started to change a bit. But this summer will be a little more serious.”

Your advice to girls everywhere: “Find things about yourself that you love. Start your day off with a positive attitude and try to stay confident. Just love who you are.”

Ob.sess launches today in 500 JCPenney stores and is also available at JCPenney.com.