When we turned the first pages of Jessica Shirvington’s debut novel, EMBRACE, we were immediately OB-sessed. We got so caught up in the forbidden romance, angelic power struggle and hot male characters, we couldn’t stop reading until the final “embrace”! Needless to say, when the sequel (ENTICE) released, we were front and center at the bookstore. And now Jessica Shirvington is on her US book tour! If you’re not already a fan, check out these book trailers to discover why WE are….

We caught up with author Jessica Shirvington to get the inside scoop on everything Grigori and and what’s new in the world of VIOLET EDEN…



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The intense denied attraction between Violet and Lincoln made Embrace unputdownable from page one.  As soon as we decided Linc was Vi’s soulmate, you brought us Phoenix! We’re so torn!  OK, we know you can’t tell us who Vi ends up with, so can you tell us who YOU would  pick…gorgeous, noble Lincoln or smokin’ hot Phoenix?

Honestly, that is the very best thing about NOT being Violet. I don’t have to pick! I don’t know…I love them both. My husband is adamant that I somehow managed to split HIM into two perfectly desirable characters! 

Our favorite thing about Violet is that she’s strong, kick-ass heroine.  Other than that what is your favorite thing about her?   

That she stuffs up. These stories happen over short periods of time, so she doesn’t have a lot of breathing space between major events. This makes for some interesting decisions that, I for one, would like to think I would never make. But at the same time, Violet is 17, she is often in a crazy spiral of all things life and death, love and loss, so I can totally sympathize that she does make some rash decisions and sometimes jump to conclusions. But no matter what, she steps up. I admire that.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you to write when you started this series? 

The first thoughts I had were about choice and consequence- asking the questions, do we get a choice? Is our fate determined? And if so, how does the process of choice making then work? If choice and consequence go hand in hand, what about other things that go hand in hand like good and evil? I wanted to bring mythology into the story because when you are talking about such base concepts as choice and freewill then it seems sensible to go back to the beginning. This led to the religious references, and ultimately to the idea of angels and the role they may possibly play.

One thing led to another – I discovered my main characters, Violet, Lincoln and Phoenix, and I became fascinated by the angel hierarchy. The story of Embrace simply began to flow from there. 

Your angels are more like gorgeous, powerful warriors than remote religious spirits. Was this intentional or did they evolve to fit the action-packed storyline? 

It was intentional.  I focused of the idea of angels existing in their own right, but having an ultimate function that revolves around the freewill of humans. So often humanity is defined by free will – the choices we make and the consequences that we suffer and inflict on others. The questions I asked were – If angels play a role in the function of the universe but are not making and enforcing decisions that direct our lives towards a predetermined fate – then what do they actually do? I decided it would be interesting to consider that they could be providing the options – for every choice one option is better than the other. Sometimes we take the better option – sometimes we do not. And then, for every angel that was there to offer the ‘good’ option, must there not be one to offer the ‘bad’ one?  It gives us all a kind of co-dependency. I find that really interesting. As for the action, mythology of angels almost always supports the idea that – in human form – angels are fierce!

Do you  have a favorite scene or line you’ve written in Embrace or Entice?

In Embrace, it has to be the scene when Violet is climbing to the top of the cliff. It has always meant a lot to me in terms of her character development and it is a scene that sees Violet climbing a treacherous cliff face on her own toward an ultimate sacrifice. The moments of thought and action throughout this scene are some the true coming of age moments Embrace. In Entice, I love chapter thirty when all of the characters come together and some pretty major stuff happens. So much drama has led up to this scene and Violet, Lincoln and Phoenix and their feelings for one another are at the center of it all. It is a scene where connections between characters are formed and undeniable and one that carries more than a few surprises. Again, it is the insight into the characters in this scene that makes me love it so much.

If Embrace and Entice were songs, what king of music would they sound like? 

Florence and The Machine – sometimes it feels as if some of her songs were written just for the books. They encapsulate the intensity, raw emotion and feelings of loss that Violet endures so well. Two of the songs I love for Embrace are Falling and Hardest of Hearts by Florence and The Machine. When I discover a song that I think fits the emotion of a scene I will listen to it over and over and over! I also really love Temper Trap. Hurts. Eisley. It is a long list!

We have to admit we were addicted to the Olympics this summer. What’s it like being married to an Olympian…and tell us, is he more like Lincoln or Phoenix? 

The London Olympics were amazing. My husband has now retired from athletics and I’ll admit, life is a lot less stressful now. But, I do look back on the entire experience fondly. We were able to travel around the world, meet incredible people, experience complete highs and lows. I admire athletes so much and my husband most of all. And, as I mentioned above, he swears that he represents a mix of all of Phoenix and Lincoln’s best qualities – it probably isn’t in my best interest to argue. 😉


Casting time! Violet, Lincoln, Phoenix, Griffin….who would you pick? 

I actually love the idea of new actors who are not already famous for playing another role, but since you asked… maybe Emma Roberts or Lyndsy Fonseca for Violet. A young Jensen Ackles for Lincoln and for Phoenix … I don’t know. Someone new and haunting (with amazing hair!).

What film or TV show has your favorite fictional angel?

City Of Angels, Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage

Favorite trait that defines Violet: Her strength

Most attractive thing about Lincoln: It is a toss up between his piercing eyes and that he cooks!

#1 reason girls would remember Phoenix after they met himI don’t think any girl would be able to escape the permanent imprint of his face from the moment they saw him! Love him or hate him, his impression is lasting. (We agree!)

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