We fell in love with the opposites-attract love story in Before You, so we were exited to catch up with debut author Amber Hart and talk books, diversity, facing your fears and, of course, love.

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Can you share a little about Before You with our readers?

Before You is about the forbidden love between a “good girl” with a secret past and a Cuban refugee on the run from his own demons.

Loved it! It reminded us of some of our favorite cross-cultural romances like West Side Story and Simone Elkeles’s Perfect Chemistry series. What inspired you to write it?

I support diversity. And I wondered what would happen if you threw two people from different backgrounds with their own challenges together; could they fall in love? Is love strong enough to overcome? What if those challenges came in the form of a girl who harbors a dark secret and a tattooed, troubled Latino? This is how Before You was born.

The cultural challenges they face are a huge part of their story and the way each deals with prejudice feels so real. Did they have real-life inspiration?

Thank you! I do have a real-life Diego. Latino, sexy accent, take-charge personality. Inspiration in the truest form. And there are dashes of me in Faith. I know what it’s like to grow up in a “broken” family. I drew from the pain of my childhood to write some of Faith’s scenes. I also know people who have dealt with similar situations—drugs, gangs, social differences.

Faith is an interesting heroine – so strong, but also plagued by fears and meeting others’ expectations. Do you have a favorite heroine in fiction?

I have a favorite “type” of heroine. I like a girl who is bold and flawed. Who is raw and real. I didn’t come from a cookie-cutter background and I now know that I’m not the only one. I remember, as a teen, wondering if there were other teens facing similar problems. I want to feel like I can relate to that character, that book, that journey. I don’t want perfect. I want a heroine who knows what it feels like to be damaged. Because sometimes, through relatable characters, books speak messages. Like: You are not alone.

OK, now that we’re all in love with these characters, can you share any news on a follow-up book or your next project?

Though Before You is a stand-alone novel, it does have a companion book, After Us. It follows the story of Faith’s best friend, Melissa, who is trying to overcome her own scars, and Diego’s cousin, Javier, who is on a quest for revenge. Keep an eye out, After Us releases December 30, 2014!

OK, time to play quick questions!

Faith and Diego in three words?

Faith: Loyal. Brave. Liar.

Diego: Real. Passionate. Dangerous.

The best theme song for Before You?

Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce.

Your three favorite books?

I’m really into the Lunar Chronicles series right now. Also, though it’s not a new release, I love the book Candor. And my all-time favorite is the Fearless series.

Other than Diego, what character would you date from fiction?

Ah! I’ve fallen for so many. I might possibly be in love with Sean from Uninvited, Wes from The Archived and Sam from Fearless…to name a few.

What’s the best thing you could hear from a reader?

That my words gave them hope.

Thank you, Amber!

And everyone run and check out the swoon-worthy new release Before You!