With summer internships on the horizon, we reached out to Intern Queen Lauren Berger to give us the 911. Don’t miss her great advice in every issue of Justine! From mistake-free résumé tips to what to wear for that important interview, we’ve got you covered. Here what other readers have asked Lauren and submit your own questions for her to [email protected]! Happy intern hunting!

“I’m looking for a part-time internship and I’ve sent my résumé and cover letter to several different companies – but I have yet to hear back. How should I go about following up? Should I call? I don’t want to slip through the cracks.”
— Hayden, GA

You should definitely follow up! My rule of thumb is to follow up two weeks after sending in your letter or applications.

“I have applied for a few internships, but the applications are online-only, which means I basically copied and pasted my résumé. Without a cover letter, I feel like they don’t get a true sense of ‘me.’ How can I set myself apart from other applicants with an online-only application?”
— Caroline, MO

Read the internship description several times. Take every task it mentions and requirement seriously. On your résumé, include bullet points explaining what you did at each company and how your experience ties into the current position. Make the résumé as tailored as possible. Also, find the company on Facebook and Twitter and follow them each week to get a feel for their tone and get instant information. Make sure you follow the recruitment accounts many companies have.

“Other than babysitting, I’ve never had a job. I’m struggling with who to include on my résumé as references. Do you have any suggestions? Would it look unprofessional to include families I’ve babysat for?”
— Tara, CA

Babysitting teaches you responsibility and commitment – two of the most important things employers look for in job and internship candidates. It would be great if you could get some in-office experience. Is there a family friend or a friend’s parent that you could job shadow or volunteer for? That might be a great way to build your résumé. Additionally, your résumé can include any relevant coursework (classes you are taking that relate to your dream job), volunteer experience and extracurricular activities.