Inside “Adventures in Babysitting” With Kevin Quinn

Calling all Disney Channel Original Movies fans! Here at Justine we’re counting down the days until the release of Disney’s Adventures in Babysitting, starring Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson and Kevin Quinn! Not only is this a remake of the 1987 classic film (one of our faves!), but it will also be the 100th installment in the Disney Channel Original Movies collection of films. We sat down with actor Kevin Quinn to learn details about the upcoming remake and to find out more about his character, Zac. Kevin gave us all the inside scoop on the film and proved that his acting skills, musical talent and growing intellect make him completely swoonworthy!

Justine Magazine: Tell us about your role as Zac in Adventures in Babysitting.
Kevin Quinn: Well my role as Zac is actually like—he’s kind of like the cool boyfriend character. He’s the love interest for Sabrina Carpenter’s character, Jenny, and he tries really hard to secure her affections. There’s a scene where he invites her to the car wash, and her phone ends up getting switched with Lola’s phone. So Zac gets mad at Jenny because Jenny’s phone was stolen by Lola, and Lola turned down Zac. So there’s kind of this story arc where Zac doesn’t get along with Jenny, but then Jenny goes all out to secure his affection in return. She shows up at a concert that he had invited her to but she originally turned down his invitation. They have a moment, and it’s just a really nice arc in the story. It adds a really romantic dimension to the movie, and I’m just really excited for people to see the character.

JM: Do you identify with Zac?
KQ: It’s funny because I actually play the character of Xander on Disney’s Bunk’d, and I definitely identify with the maturity and leadership that Zac has. My character Xander is more of a goofball and more naïve, and I have moments where I’m naïve and a goofball. But generally speaking, I think I identify more with Zac as a person. It’s kind of cool tapping into that real, mature character, and it gave me a chance to experiment with a different kind of role. I actually played the role Zac before I played Xander, even though the movie is airing so late. But I’m really excited for people to see that different side of me as an actor.

JM: Do you have a favorite scene from the movie?
KQ: I actually really like the concert scene from the movie just because that’s what I had the most fun filming. It’s just this really tender moment where you can see that Jenny and Zac have a connection. They look in each other’s eyes and they climb onstage, and it’s kind of a nod to the original. In the original they meet up at a party, and they have a moment. You can just see that the characters have a connection.

JM: What was it like knowing that you were re-making a classic film? Was there a lot of pressure to make it as good as the original?
KQ: You know what, there wasn’t too much pressure. I think the great thing about this remake in particular was that as soon as we all sat down for table reads in Vancouver, we all just kind of knew that this script was really good. We had John Schultz at the helm, who is a great director. We had so much fun working with him. But we didn’t really feel that pressure because we had so much chemistry. When we were at the table read, we were just so surprised at how it all came together. We didn’t feel that pressure because we were so pleased with the script and the director and the team and the cast. There was no pressure whatsoever.

JM: You’ve been involved with television, movies, and performing and writing music. How do those interplay in your life?
KQ: I find that television and film roles, they give me the opportunity to tap into my more thoughtful, creative side. When you have a character that you’re playing, you tend to think about what they’re thinking, and you tap into their mental state of mind. A lot of it has to do with mentality of the character. It can be a very introverted kind of experience, but then with singing, it’s so extroverted. You sing out, and everything is just put out on the table. I’m constantly working on music. I’m writing what will hopefully be an album or an EP right now. I’ve actually written probably 10 or 12 songs. So whenever I’m not on set, I’m usually trying to produce some music with my co-writers.

JM: When you’re not acting or working on music, what can we find you doing?
KQ: I’m heavily interested in current events and international affairs, so I’m always either reading a book, whether it’s about politics or history. I’m actually reading a book right now about Sigmund Freud. It’s not exactly about history, but it’s psychology. I have a heavy interest in psychology, so I’m reading this book called Heirs to Freud. It’s a compilation of like 16 essays written by his disciples, so to speak. They talk about all kinds of things that Freud would hit on when he was doing his research. It’s a very interesting topic to give a perspective on human nature. I have a heavy interest in academics, is basically what I’m trying to say.

JM: You sang the Bunk’d theme song. Do you have any musical roles in Adventures in Babysitting?
KQ: There aren’t any musical roles for me in Adventures in Babysitting, but the great thing about my character Xander on Bunk’d is that I get a lot of opportunities to sing. Hopefully this season, I would love to be able to sing a song. We’ll see what happens.

JM: Any crazy adventures in babysitting in real life?
KQ: When I was a kid being babysat, I was really rambunctious. I was the hyperactive, “let’s go and do something” kid. My babysitter—I was actually best friends with my babysitter’s younger brother. I was always like, “CAN WE INVITE MICHAEL OVER?!” She would agree, as long as I would stop being so rambunctious. Of course, we would always play pranks on his older sister. We just gave her a really hard time, but I hope she had fun with that.


His favorite quality in a girl? “Sense of humor, by far.”
The last meal that he cooked? “It was not successful. I don’t know what I was thinking. I cooked this butter chicken and rice Indian dish. For some reason I had the genius idea of sautéing onions in balsamic vinegar and dousing them in garlic salt. It was just a horrible combination. I just threw the whole thing out. Who want to eat onions by themselves? I don’t know what I was thinking.”
His celebrity crush? “I love Jennifer Lawrence, not only because I think she’s super cute, but I find her very audacious and confident. I just admire that so much. She’s just fearless.”
His guilty pleasure? “Coffee. If I can find a good cup of coffee in LA or some other place that has an elaborate espresso drink, I’ll do it. First of all, I love to be caffeinated, and I love a good cup of coffee. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur.”
His dream musical collaboration? “John Mayer”
If Kevin’s life were a movie, who would have the starring role? “An edgier Adrian Brody.”

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