YouTuber Tiffany Garcia, the quirky creator behind iHasCupquake, is known for giving her fans a little mix of all her favorite things in life. She’s a self-described geek who loves video games and getting creative, and her nerdy baking tutorials are our personal favorite videos on her site. Even her YouTube handle is unusual, an ode to her love of internet cat memes and her hope to be an outside-the-box type of creator. She’s not your average lifestyle YouTuber, and that’s why iHasCupquake is a must-subscribe channel on YouTube.

We caught up with Tiffany in the SweeTARTS booth at VidCon, and her whole look was totally on point with this classic candy favorite. Hear Tiffany talk creativity, content creation, her love for animation and the baking mistakes that helped her laugh and learn along the way. It’s all in the video above!