Do You Know Your Sis?

Just how well do you REALLY know  your sib! Grab sis, sit down and take this quiz to see how close you are. Each of you fill in the blanks with what you would say and what you think your sister would say, then compare notes and see how many you got right.

1. If I could travel anywhere, it would be _________.
2. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is __________.
3. My favorite article of clothing is ____________.
4. My dream car would be __________.
5. I think my best feature is ___________.
6. My celebrity crush is _________.
7. My favorite color is _______.
8. My favorite food is ______________.
9. My dream job is _________.
10. I can’t leave the house without my _________.
11. I’m addicted to _________.
12. The thing I love most about my sister is ____________.

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1-4 Correct: Could be closer – you’ve been together your whole lives, but have you ever stopped to really get to know one another? Take your sis out to a movie or have a spa day with her to really cement your bond. Remember, there’s no one out there quite like your sister.

5-8 Correct: Tight-knit bond – you two have a great relationship, and know enough about each other that you can talk for hours. But the conversation won’t get boring, because you still have more to learn.

9-12 Correct: Practically the same person ­– you know everything about one another, and sometimes even your mom gets confused about who is who. That’s great! But keep in mind that you are two separate people, and make sure you have friends besides each other.

No matter what your relationship with your sister, shoot her a text or give her a call to let her know you’re thinking about her and that you appreciate her!

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