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Your thumbs fly. You tap out texts at lightning speed. It’s natural! But for Grandma? Not so much. While 77% of older adults have a cell phone, just 18% feel comfortable learning to use their device. Maybe that’s because they’ve never had lessons from someone they love.

Here are our top five reasons why you should take a minute this Thanksgiving when you’re together with the fam to teach Gramps, or another older person, how to text with emojis…

1. It’ll be quality time together.

2. More fun than Monopoly.

3. Granny will have a whole new way to keep connected to family and friends.

4. She’ll be the envy of all her friends when she can text like a teen.

5. You might win a $10,000 scholarship for sharing your mad tech skills!

Sign up here to take part in the Grandparents Gone Wired campaign, a joint effort of and Mentor Up happening now through Jan. 31. Upload a photo of you, your favorite senior citizen and your smartphones, and you’ll be entered to win.