Graduation doesn’t just mark the end of your high school career but commemorates all of those special times you’ve shared with your friends and classmates along the way. So what better way to celebrate this special occasion than to throw a party that you’ll still be talking about at your 10-year reunion.

GRAD DAY DECOR: First thing? Set the stage. If you thought the super cute decorations in the story on page 30 of our April/May issue would be perfect for your bash, don’t worry! You can get them too, at We love all of the adorable decorations. (Shindigz has enough party supplies to let you throw a different themed party every day!) Choose decor in a certain color scheme. Opt for your school colors or just pick your favorite colors.

GUESTS: Decide how many people you’d like to invite. Will this be a small gathering of your closest friends or a big blowout with the entire class? If it’s going to be a bigger party, maybe ask several of your friends to co-host with you to divide the duties. Print invitations on plain white paper, roll up and tie with cute ribbons to look like diplomas.

SCHOOL-SPIRITED SNACKS: Most of your guests will be too busy mingling to sit down and eat so serve snacks that are convenient. Try mini burgers, mini pizzas and cupcakes. Set up a popcorn bar. Pop several bags of microwave popcorn and provide party-goers with a variety of toppings: Parmesan cheese, M&M’s, caramel sauce. Pick up inexpensive Chinese food containers from the craft store. Your friends can fill their containers with popcorn and pick the toppings of choice.

QUEUE THE KARAOKE: Crank up the tunes from your elementary and middle school days. (Of course you still remember the words!) Encourage your guests to sign up to sing karaoke and have a blast reminiscing and belting out your fave tunes.