Boys. Breakups. First kisses. The world of romance can be confusing. We thought it was time for some straight talk about dating, so we reached out to our very own cover girl, Kira Kosarin, for real-life advice. Kira went through a tough breakup toward the end of last year, so we knew she would have solid tips on dealing with exes and handling breakups!

Kira admits that splitting up is┬áhard but choosing to take the high road is always your best bet. Right after Kira’s breakup with Chase Austin, she posted this on Instagram:

“Yes, @chaseaustin10 and I broke up a little while ago. No, it’s not the end of the world. He’s still a wonderful human being whom I love with all my heart, it was just time for us to accept that things change, people change, and sometimes the best thing is for people to take on the world in a different way. We’re still friends and nobody did anything wrong, and that’s okay.”

Way to keep it classy, Kira! Whether you’re dealing with a breakup, navigating the world of exes or just wanting to hear some girl talk, check out Kira’s words of wisdom in the video above!