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You may know actress Abigail Breslin from her many roles in movies and television (including FOX’s newest hit Scream Queens), but get to know more about her creative side as an author, singer and songwriter in our exclusive chat. Keep reading for our full interview with Abigail as we dig into her deeper side!

Justine Magazine: We all met you as an actress, but it’s your smart, hilarious and incredibly conversational writing voice that makes reading your book so FUN—like having a deep, soul searching convo over Ben & Jerry’s with your best friend. What first drew you to writing? 
Thank you! Writing has always been a huge outlet for me to get out my emotions in a healthy way. I’ve always loved to write little stories but I guess when it became a huge passion of mine was when I was 14. I was kind of a loner for a bit and didn’t have a ton of friends, so I started to write a script and the characters almost became my friends. But writing really made me come out of my shell. Soon I started writing music and then poetry and then I started my Tumblr blog. The rest is history!
This book lets the reader peek into your life and, even more importantly, into your mind. Is that ever scary to reveal so much of yourself? And do your family, friends or publicists ever warn or nag you about it? 
It’s definitely scary to share so much about my personal life, but I’m never worried about the outside world judging it. I’m usually worried about my friends and family and what they think. That’s why I always run something by them before I put it in the book to make sure they’re ok with it. I also wanted this book to be authentic and genuine and for people to see I was being 100% real with them. So many of my followers on Tumblr and Twitter are so honest with me, and I think I owed them the same honesty in return.  


What do you like most about Tumblr? 
To me, some of the most hilarious writing nowadays is on Tumblr. I really love the fact that I can connect with people on there in such a personal way that isn’t really possible on any other social media platform. I don’t even see them as fans or followers. I just see them as other people going through the same thing. Even though they ask me for advice, I end up learning a lot from them, too. I just like that it kind of takes away the whole “celebrity” thing and shows you just as a normal person.
The thing you stress about the most? 
The thing that stresses me the most is technology! And boys. Both are confusing and hard to understand. Also boys on technology. Just. Too. Stressful. 
The last time you made your great-great grandmother’s nutmeg cookies was… Last Christmas! I usually bake them with my mom every holiday season almost every day because my brothers and their friends go through them in 20 minutes. It’s a tradition. 
Your favorite thing about London?
My favorite thing about London is probably just the memories I have there. I talk a lot about it in the book. 
Your favorite quote? 
I’m not quite sure who said it but there’s a quote that says, “What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than it does of Sally.” It takes a while to fully get it, but it’s about gossiping. I try to always remember that. 
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