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Searching for some new tunes? Check out LA quintet He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. They’ve got serious style, an awesome sound and a tap-dancing drummer? Yep. A tap-dancing drummer. We caught up with lead singer Rachel to get the scoop on her five favorite things right now!

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1. Surfing. Can’t get enough of it. Even in the icy temperatures of the winter Pacific, there is nothing so present and primal as riding a wave.

2. Cooking. I’m getting very refined with my presentation. I still use a more rustic, simple cooking technique, but the presentation has got to be spot on these days.

3. Vocal pedals. The voice is our first instrument. With the pedals that are coming out now I can morph my voice into the most bizarre, thrilling, far-out tones. I embrace the future of music and I revere the organic nature of ceremonious acoustic music, but I am equally inspired by what we can do with technology. It’s very liberating being your own band by the push of a button.

4. Home decor. I just moved into a new home and I have nearly no furniture. I’m moving slowly, only getting pieces I really love, but it’s fun to look at those incredible interior design magazines and dream big and bold, the other day I was looking at the antiques world website, and OMG they have some amazing furniture, I specially fell in love with one of their antique bookcases, I can’t wait to start decorating and doing my own office space, so that I can buy one of them!

5. Love. Always into love. It’s the porthole into the source of the universe.