madison davenport

In case you haven’t heard, there’s another ultimate adventure coming to the big screen, and this time it’s Noah. We got the opportunity to chat with Madison Davenport who plays Na’el, love interest of Noah’s son Ham. Noah may be a powerful story about destruction and new beginnings, but things took a different turn when we talked to the goofy, enthusiastic Madison about her role and just what it took to pull it off! See what she had to say and stay tuned for the premiere of Noah on Friday, March 28!

On the cast & crew: I have to say (Logan Lerman), is just a dolly baby! He’s the sweetest—he’s so nice and so humble. Also, Russel Crowe—I loved him ever since my dad and I watched Gladiator when I was eight. He’s so funny! And he’s so tall—he has such a presence, you know?…  And working with our incredible director, Darren Aronofsky, who is just wonderful. He had just won an award for Black Swan so I was a little starstruck. He’s very down-to-earth and he’s an actor’s director—he knows how to get what he wants out of the actor.

On filming an epic flood movie during Hurricane Sandy: I’ll let Justine readers in on one thing— it was SO COLD filming in the rain! A few days before Sandy came the temperature dropped and the water tanks would not heat up! (laughs) I do have to say, the water being so cold did feed into our desperation.

On the “Unnamed” audition: The whole auditioning process was interesting because they didn’t really tell us what it was gonna be. I just knew it was “Unnamed—Darren Aronofsky”….  Two months later they were like, “Would you mind coming to NY? We’re gonna do a chemistry read with you and Logan Lerman” and I’m like, “What!” They called me that day and said, “You got the part”… they did the costume fitting that day!

On the challenges: The challenging thing was overcoming (being) starstruck with Darren Aronofsky, so I think, you know, that lasted like five minutes and then I was like, “Ok! I just gotta do this!” And I don’t even know what the most challenging part was… I just loved everything about it!

On why you should see Noah: I can’t tell you much about my character’s arc—ha, arc/ark… I was trying to be punny. I just want readers to know that it’s definitely a movie you should be ready to see because it’s going to be amazing… I think this movie is going to be epic. I mean, there’s no other way to describe it! Epic.