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You may know Jillian Rose Reed as Tamara on MTV’s Awkward, but this up-and-coming star has big dreams for many more future projects and roles! Jillian has been in the acting biz since childhood, and she sat down with Justine to share memories and some career insights with our readers. Check it out as Jillian dishes on her dream role, her upcoming Kickstarter project, and behind-the-scenes faves on the set of Awkward!
What first inspired you to get involved in acting?
I grew up in musical theater from the time I was very young! My interest in performing grew from there, and eventually I ended up gaining interest in film and TV! 
What is your favorite childhood acting memory?
Probably the friends I made. I was lucky enough to make great friends when I was very young who I can still call on to support me and my career today. 
What’s your favorite part of being on set at Awkward?
We have the BEST time! Even though days can be long and work can be tough, we always have smiles on our faces because we have the best crew and cast ever. 
In what ways are you similar to your character Tamara? How are you different?
We both talk really fast! There’s definitely a few quirks in both of us; I’m a pretty animated person. Hopefully I’m not as dramatic as she is, though. 
What inspired you to take on the role of producer in the Kickstarter project Elevator Stories? What is it like to be both an actor and producer on a project?
I really wanted to expand my knowledge of the business. I want to be not only a well-rounded actor, but someone who can always work and take on other roles in the future. Being both is really fun! My executive producers are really great about letting me be as involved as I want, so when I feel like I need to just be an actor…I can just be an actor.
What upcoming projects are you excited about?
Elevator Stories is the biggest project on my plate right now. I’m playing a gay character, which is a first for me. I’m really excited to not only show another side of my abilities, but also to be a part of an LGBT project at such an important time. 
What advice do you have for teen girls who are interested in exploring an acting career?
Don’t give up! It can be a really hard business but if you love it, work hard and stick to it. 
Fifty years from now, what do you want to be known for?
Hopefully my long-lasting comedic career! I would love to do a show like Friends that lasts for years and years. 

Some quick questions….

What are you most likely to do in your free time?
Go out to a cool restaurant. 
Your dream role?
Rachel or Phoebe (or something like them) from Friends
Your dream co-stars?
Paul Rudd and Sandra Bullock.
Favorite TV show besides your own?
Boy Meets World and Friends.
Your favorite way to connect with your fans?
Social media!