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At only 13 years old, this rising fashion designer has already accomplished more than designers twice her age – she debuted her collection at New York Fashion Week and her fall line was picked up by mega-retailer Nordstrom. Check out why this style star is one of Justine’s Ones to Watch.

Justine: In regards to having presented at NYFW, how would you sum up your feelings about seeing your line on the runway in one word?
Isabella: Surreal would definitely be my word. I thought that it hit me that I was having a fashion show, but it didn’t really until the first model walked down the runway and I was like, “Oh my God, I hope everyone likes it!” and I was nervous, but nervous excited, definitely.

J: You must get this question all the time, but we have to ask, how did you get something so successful off the ground at such a young age? And do you have any advice for any other young aspiring entrepreneurs?
I: I would definitely say it takes a lot of hard work, I don’t think people sometimes realize how long I’ve been working at this. Six years I’ve been working at fashion so some people think it just happens, but really it’s a slow progression of hard work and learning more about the industry— and being determined, definitely.

J: When the temps start dropping what trend will you be you most excited to show off or to wear this winter?
I: I think a jacket— ?? I’m always excited about fall and winter because of jackets and just layers, I think, is always a trend in fall and into winter. You can really experiment with layers because in summer a top and a bottom is really all you can do it, it’s hard to be creative, and in fall you can really play around with a lot of textures and prints.

J: So you’ve been at Fashion Week, your line is at Nordstrom— you’re making big moves quickly. Where can we expect to see you next? What’s the next big thing on your radar?
I: Um, I actually just launched a YouTube channel, that’s something I’ve been working really hard on and it’s a lot of fun— it’s another way to share sort of beauty and lifestyle-related things, so that’s on the horizon and it’s also another platform to just be myself in a less formal way.