Getting into a good study routine can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you prepare for those mid-terms and finals…they’ll be here before you know it!


Keep your study space clean and well organized.
A messy area can be distracting when you are trying to concentrate. Clear off your desk so that it’s a clutter-free zone!

Turn off your cell phone.
Facebook, Twitter and texting can steal your time and send you reeling off track when you’re trying to focus. Turn off the cell phone and leave it in a different room to avoid temptation while you’re studying. (This goes for computers, too. Either disconnect from the internet completely or resist the urge to go anywhere online except academic-related sites.)

Treat yourself to short breaks every now and then.
Take quick, five-minute breaks to get a snack, then get back to studying. If you stop for much longer it’ll be too hard to get back to it.

Highlight facts you need to review.
Taking the time to highlight important items will make them easier to spot when you go back over the material.

Come up with practice quizzes to make sure you are ready for the real one.
There’s nothing like taking a “test,” even if it’s just for practice, to ensure you know your stuff and can recall it under pressure.

Take note of these smart tips and you’ll breeze right though exams this spring!