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National Get Outdoors Day is June 8, so we’re sharing some fun ideas to take you outside and enjoying the great outdoors!

Map a route. Plenty of popular websites, such as and, can map walking, running and biking routes by mileage, terrain and more.

Grow a garden. Plant a patch of flowers to brighten your family’s yard, or volunteer at a local school or non-profit to spruce up their space.

Fly a kite. Follow Mary Poppins’ lead! If you’re feeling especially crafty, make your own kite!

Pitch a tent. Throw your next sleepover party in the great outdoors!

Pick fruit at an orchard. Spend an afternoon picking a peck of berries, cherries or other favorite fruits. Bonus points for grilling your pickings as a tasty treat afterward!

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Explore a cave. Spelunk with spunk! Search for a cave close to home where you and your friends can crawl.

Go rock climbing. Some gyms offer outdoor climbing walls where beginners can get a grip on the extreme activity.

Explore public art. Save galleries for a rainy day! Wonderful works of art are out in the open in big cities across the country. Find an installation in your neck of the woods at

Pack a picnic. Throw your favorite foods in a basket and dine al fresco.

Stroll through a botanic garden. Stop and smell the roses — and all the other buds and blooms — at your local botanic garden.

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Rock out at an outdoor music festival. Your favorite tunes will keep you moving from dusk until dawn.

Take a walk on the wild side. Visit the zoo with your little sibs or your gal pals. What’s the coolest creature you can spot?

Tour an open-air museum. Open-air museums, from working farms to military forts, put exhibits on display out-of-doors. You might even catch a blast from the past at a living history museum, where costumed interpreters portray period life in an earlier era.

Rent a tandem bike. Teamwork is tantamount!

Take in the city from the back of a bike. Get to know the urban area where you grew up! Many big cities offer bike tours from landmark to landmark.
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Hunt for geocaches. Search for treasure using a GPS receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches.” Find a list of coordinates and clues at

Volunteer at an outdoor summer camp. Many local parks and recreation departments, as well as churches and other places of worship, throw weeklong camps that could use another volunteer counselor.

Try a wacky run. If a 5K sounds like a snooze, find a fun run. Participants in the Warrior Dash, for example, duck, climb and crash through miles of mud; zombie-themed events across the country encourage participants to run for their lives.

Join a running club. Many gyms — and even sporty stores like Lululemon and Athleta — invite runners to come together for jogging jaunts.

Wash cars. Invite your friends to park their cars in your driveway; then work together to get the washin’ done, you can even help your friends get Shiply services.

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For more fun ideas check out the latest issue of Justine. What are you still doing at the computer? Get outside!