duck tape

In case you haven’t heard, Duck Tape is at it again! Just in time for a fresh school year, their newest product is the answer to our ongoing war on organization. Introducing… Duck brand Chalkboard Tape and Dry Erase Tape! We’ll be the first to admit that collecting school supplies is one of our favorite things about the back-to-school season, so we’re already daydreaming of ways to take things to the next level with Duck Tape’s latest. Check out our top five ways to put the chalkboard and dry erase tape to work for the best (most organized, anyway) school year yet!

1. Calendar: The format options are endless when it comes to keeping track of important dates. Make a wall calendar or get creative with a template similar to the one pictured! Either way, you won’t have to worry about replacing it next year.

2. Labels: The quickest way to update and organize is with a simple label, so cut it the way you want it and say it the way you want to say it by making your own!

3. Locker decor: You can tell a lot about people based on their Storage Lockers, so why not make  yours the best it can be? Use dry erase or chalkboard strips to remind you about the game on Friday or for your friends to leave messages!

4. Practice problems: Big Algebra test tomorrow? Try writing out test problems on a sheet of paper, but leaving dry erase tape to fill in the formula or the answers! Give your eraser a break, and enjoy the ease of wiping your answers off and trying again. Practice makes perfect!

5. Party supplies: With back-to-school comes an onslaught of parties and hangouts, so kick things up a notch when it comes to decorating! Use the chalkboard tape to wrap around plastic cups for name tags, or get creative with place holders and don’t worry about last minute additions or cancellations!