Okay, real talk. Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner, and if you are in a relationship (or possibly hoping to start one), you may be wondering what to do for your guy on this high-pressure holiday. According to celeb couple Gabriel Conte and Jess Bauer (who are totally #relationshipgoals) the best way to bae’s heart is by learning their love language.

What’s a love language? Well, apparently there are five: gift giving, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation and physical touch. In a world where celeb couples break up and make up every day, we figured Gabriel and Jess must be doing something right. They stopped by to let us in on their love language secrets, just in time for Valentine’s Day! And if that wasn’t enough, Jess and Gabriel are celebrating their romance this year by dropping a brand new EP of acoustic covers of their favorite love songs. Check out the video below to hear Gabriel share details about the new tracks on Under the Covers, the ways he and Jess use their love languages and his Valentine’s gift ideas for your crush, friends and family!

How did you find out your own and each other’s love language?

Gabriel: We made sure to talk about our love languages early on so we knew how to treat each other as best as we possibly could.

What is your love language of choice?

Gabriel: My love languages are definitely words of affirmation and touch.

Jess: My love languages are touch and quality time.

How do you incorporate love languages into your relationship?

Gabriel: We really try to be open about it and talk about if we are in need of a specific love language. For example, with touch, if we need to sit next to each other on the couch and hold hands for a while, we say so!

What’s an example of how your significant other made you feel loved using your love language?

Gabriel: Jess always makes sure to tell me that she is proud of me because she knows I thrive on affirmation from her.

Jess: I like quality time with people when we aren’t on our phones. I remember a date we went on about two weeks ago and I was really needing that quality time with Gabriel, so we both put our phones away for the entire date.

What tips do you have for people wanting to incorporate love languages in their own relationships?

Jess: Try putting them into practice every day, whether that be complimenting them more often or hugging them more often, and see how that affects your relationship.

What Valentine’s Day ideas do you have that involve using love languages?

Gabriel: Using words of affirmation, write a letter and tell the other person what you love most about them. Using touch, go on a date where the two of you can be close, like sitting next to each other at a movie. When it comes to gift giving, chances are they’ll love anything you give them. As for quality time, take them on a romantic picnic and spend a few hours together. Lastly, for acts of service, baking something for them would be great!