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Summertime may mean more freedom to do what you want, but, unfortunately, that can come with a price. Can’t think of any fun, free alternatives? Don’t worry—we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly ways to spend your summer days with your besties!

1. Visit a museum or a zoo— if admission isn’t always free, there’s usually at least one time slot per week. Do your research and have some fun!

2. Have a movie night— Whether it’s Netflix, RedBox or a throwback to your fave Disney hits, a movie night is the ultimate girls’ night. Have everyone bring their preferred snack for a tasty twist!

3. Revamp your wardrobe— Make someone else’s day and make room for yourself by cleaning out your closet. Or put that DIY Pinterest board to the test by upcycling your clothes!

4. Go on a bike ride with a friend
— Get some fresh air in your face and get some exercise at the same time.

5. Volunteer— Go to a local charity or organizaion and donate your time for your favorite cause. Don’t forget to bring along your friends!

6. Concoct a recipe— Once again, put your Pinterest boards to work! Use the odds and ends in your kitchen to get creative. Substitute and make your own additions; trial and error is the best teacher!

7. Start keeping a journal— We know you’ve probably said at some point in time that you should, so what better time than the present?

8. Write a letter— Everyone loves unexpected snail mail, now’s a great time to deliver some smiles. Think friends, grandparents or even our troops!

9. Be a tourist— Grab your friends and be tourists in your own city for a day. Check out the local shops or even visit your city’s tourist areas and actually take time to soak it all in.

10. Go on a scavenger hunt— Find a list online or make one up yourself. Set a time limit, grab your friends and a camera and get started! Take advantage of the whole city or stick to your neighborhood.