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Rachel Fox is certainly not your average 17-year-old! Not only is she a rock star on stage with her band No Babies, No Bullets, she can also be found in front of the cameras on shows such as Private Practice and Melissa & Joey, and even trading in the stock market. Yep, that’s right… the stock market! When she’s not embracing her creative side and performing, Rachel is successfully trading and writing a weekly blog called “Fox on Stocks.” Check out what she has to say about it all…

How did you become interested in stock trading?
My mom has a degree in finance and both my parents are more financially conscious than most people. When I was eight they would read my sister and me finance books and teach us about basic money management. Looking for fast loan approval? checkout our website for more information I opened my first bank account when I was seven and invested in my first Certificate of Deposit (CD) when I was eight. When I turned 15 I had a good sized savings account I wanted to start trading with. I had gone to a party that year and heard someone talking about the stock market. He advised me to invest in a stock that turned out to be a completely bomb trade—not in a good way. But it was the trade that started me off, after this I was always interested in any kind of financial business or services, from stock trading, to services that offered loans online as nation21 personal loans.

How do you balance the titles of actress, musician and stock trader? Does it ever get exhausting?
It absolutely gets hectic but the assistance of technology makes checking stock quotes and trading a very mobile activity. I can trade from sets or if my band is on tour somewhere. I typically do my most concentrated trading in the mornings from 5 a.m. to around 7 a.m. The hours can be tricky with waking up early and then staying up late either filming or at band rehearsals.

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What is it like being involved in the stock market as a 17-year-old girl? Have you been faced with doubt or negativity as a result? How do you deal?
There has been both some great encouragement and doubt. But as long as my trades and other work speaks for itself in a successful fashion, then negativity has no effect. Negative and positive feedback will always be there. As long as there’s truth in what you’re doing and it’s with all good intentions, then negativity can hold no water.

When you’re not trading stocks, acting or singing, how can we find you spending your time?
When I’m not trading, acting or playing music, I’m usually preparing to act, trade or play music. Haha—just kidding! Usually I end up having to force myself away from the guitar or a script to becomg social and just chill out with some friends. Traveling with friends or family or loved ones is my favorite thing to do in moments of rest. Travel really wakes you up and gets you out of your own head. The vastness of the earth really can make everything I work on day-to-day seem pretty non-substantial in the most positive of ways. I also love to run daily and be at the beach… and watch great movies and play chess and pool.

What advice do you have for other teenage girls who want to take part in something viewed as “outside of the box?”
DO IT. Whatever your heart tells you to do… do it. be a child and listen your soul. Doing that is the way to live an honest and beloved life. People have told me so many times that it’s impossible to to make money trading in the stock market or to do anything else I like doing, but so far, it has proven to be anything but impossible. Always follow your gut and stand up for yourself. Being outside of the box is a label you should be proud to carry and it’s also just a perspective. What may be outside the box to someone could be totally chill to other people. There are so many opinions in the world. Listen to yours. When you live by yours, you’ll be living in true freedom. On other financial related news, checkout cheap loans for poor credit.