Say it isn’t so! With a new issue of Justine on the horizon, it’s time to say goodbye to our reigning cover girl, Sadie Robertson. We’re going to miss her infectious laugh, chic style and her never-ending positive vibes. For our final farewell, we’re giving you a dose of Sadie trivia to see how much of a fan you truly are. Test your knowledge in the video above, and then see how you stacked up below!

1-3 correct: You’ve got some work to do before you qualify as an expert on all things Sadie. Download the Sadie app so you don’t miss a beat!

4-6 correct: You’ve done some serious Sadie fangirling, but there’s still more you need to know about this Duck Dynasty starlet. Make sure you’re following Sadie’s social channels to stay up to date on her day to day!

7-10 correct: You’ve been totally on top of our #JustineSadie coverage, and you two are well on your way to being besties. Keep up the good work!