Our obsession with YouTube beauty and style guru Amanda Steele is still going strong, and with fall’s arrival, we could think of no one better to help us transition our look with the seasons. When we heard that Amanda would be hosting the grand opening of Irish clothing retailer Primark in New Jersey, we jumped at the chance to check in with the makeup maven to discuss all things fashion and beauty. Just as any multi-talented and multitasking YouTuber would do, Amanda managed to talk the talk as she gave us her best tips and advice while en route to the event, and then walk the walk as she proved her expertise by stunning in the latest trends (yet again) at the Primark opening! Check out what she has to say about it all…

Justine Magazine: We’re huge fans of your style and how you always keep things fresh. What trend are you most looking forward to rocking this fall?
Amanda Steele: I’m most excited for the seventies trend, with a bunch of vintage and retro stuff. I just went vintage shopping yesterday and I went crazy. I’m just so excited for the whole look.

JM: What do you think are the most important things to keep in mind when you are shopping on a budget?
AS: If you’re shopping on a budget, pick out basics. That’s a way that you can look super nice and put together all the time, if you just have simple things, instead of trying to buy something super trendy. So just to have the basics, a nice pair of jeans, a nice top that’s really simple—that’s how you’ll look good without having to buy every single new trend.

JM: What are your top five closet must-haves for fall?
AS: My must-haves are leather pants, some high-heeled boots, a plain white tee, a black bralette and a leather jacket.

JM: Do you have a favorite beauty tip that you’d like to share with your fans?
AS: There are too many! This is what I do every day! But I think that less contour is more. I remember that at first I just wanted to put on as much contour as possible because I wanted cheekbones, but then I look back on my pictures and I’m like, “Whoa, this is too much.”

JM: What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without?
AS: I think that lip balm would definitely be something that I have to have. I love Rosebud Salve. That’s my favorite.

JM: We always love checking out your YouTube channel for makeup tips. Do you have any YouTube favorites right now?
AS: There are so many different channels and so many different people that give you different things. There’s not just one person that I always go to, but there’s a bunch that I go to for different reasons. But I think Buzzfeed is one that I’m obsessed with right now. Their videos are so entertaining and short and sweet. I get really sucked into those.

JM: Any fashion or beauty-related apps that you think our readers should check out?
AS: There’s one that I have on my phone—it’s a hair color changer. Basically, I change my hair color a lot and so I always use that. I upload a picture of myself and then I draw the color that I want to see myself with. Then I’ll decide if I actually want to dye my hair that color.