Exclusive: The Miss 2059 Season 2 Trailer Is Out of This World

New Form’s MISS 2059 is back for a second season, and it’s safe to say we’re out-of-this-world excited about it. Starring YouTuber Anna Akana, Season 2 of this intergalactic sci-fi adventure follows Victoria and her crew as they work to defeat The Vortix, a plot line that promises drama extending throughout the galaxy. Viewers will also see Victoria wrestle with the fate of her virus-infected twin sister, Arden, as Victoria questions whether she has found her true destiny.

“Season 2 is exactly what I wanted the show to be: adventurousfunnyfeminist and featuring a ton of gorgeous aliens and planets,” shared leading lady, Anna Akana. “We went bigger and better this season and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Get an exclusive first look at the Season 2 trailer above, and don’t miss the new season, premiering November 9th on go90!

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