If you don’t know her yet, it’s time for you to meet singer-songwriter Mason Ashley. Writing with honesty and deep emotion, Mason is the total package when it comes to music, and with her haunting, raw and relatable lyrics, the 18-year-old is definitely one to watch in 2017. Today marks the release of the brand new music video for the title track from her EP, “Strangers, so jump on the Mason Ashley train and learn why we’re obsessing over her music here at Justine.

There’s no question that Mason is all about connecting with her fans through songwriting. “The night I finished writing ‘Strangers,’ I knew that I had a deeper connection with that song than any other song I’d ever written.” Mason shares. “I felt every word in the song. I got the amazing opportunity to watch those lyrics come to life through another form of art in the “Strangers” music video.” TBH, this video is truly an artistic masterpiece, and we’ll definitely have it on loop all day long.

As if it wasn’t obvious already, the Justine team is fangirling over Mason Ashley. Check out her music video for “Strangers” above and add her to your playlists ASAP!