Paris, London and Venice! Oh my! Whether you’re studying abroad or you’re lucky enough to be jetting off with friends after graduation, the possibilities to easily and safely explore Europe are endless.

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Buckle up because we put together a few tips for traveling abroad so that you don’t have to be internationally intimidated. Time to pull up your “Eurotrip” Pinterest boards and get planning!

eurotrip collage

Traveling between countries doesn’t break your budget. 
Living on a budget is definitely something you have to get used to when traveling abroad, but traveling from country to country in Europe is certainly doable on a budget! RyanAir, Easy Jet and Vueling are a few cost-effective airlines (you can book flights for as little as $20!).

Be open to meeting new people. 
Yeah, we know you’ve been told never to talk to strangers from an early age, and it can be a little nerve-racking to break out of your shell at first! However, you will constantly be around people in hostels, on amazing passenger buses, in restaurants and on tours, so take advantage of those conversations to get to know people from all around the world!

Get your passport early and always have it with you. 
It takes forever for a passport to come in, so get that done months before you leave. Remember, countries don’t let you just waltz in and out as you please; you must have your passport! Make sure you have it with you at all times!

Be safe. 
We can’t stress this enough! Enjoy the freedom of being in a country on your own, but always stick with a buddy! Try your best to fit in with the general population so that you don’t become a target. Don’t get caught up studying a map in the middle of a crowd— step off to the side and ask for help if you really need it. Most people will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.