One of our favorite funny girls, actress Eden Sher (aka Sue from The Middle) is now an author with the release of The Emotionary: A Dictionary of Words that Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do. This girl has a knack for pinpointing the exact feelings she’s experiencing, even when she has to make up new words to fully express herself. Eden has created an entire dictionary dedicated to feelings just not suited for regular words, and in doing so, she has become the amazing BFF we never knew we needed. This creative genius and hilarious gal has a passion for expression, and she proves that when words fail you, you can just create your own!

Eden on writing a book: “Nothing really made me decide to write it. It’s more like I have too many feelings for my body’s existence, so I just starting putting things out of my body because otherwise I would just explode. Then I decided to define these emotion-things. And then I thought there should be a dictionary of them because that would be fun. And because I hate words. I don’t know how to write real words.”

On dreaming up words for The Emotionary: “I had always been obsessed with words in general. Just the concept of them. Just this crazy idea of having people understand what you’re saying. I was obsessed with trying to express things out loud. And then I just had a really bad breakup, and I didn’t know what to do. I had too many feelings. It was just the feeling of not having the words, so I decided I was going to compulsively describe every feeling I had and just use all the words to describe that feeling. It didn’t start as a book, but I thought it could be a website. It was just a funny idea.”

On her favorite word from The Emotionary: “There are a few. One of the first ones I ever came up with was emotaling, which is emote plus spiral. It means to think, feel and judge oneself in such rapid succession that it ultimately causes immobililty. It’s kind of just like the classic judging and spiraling. I feel like that one presents itself in many a situation.”

On her character, Sue, from The Middle, described in her own Emotionary words: “They would be uninflated, which is frustration by not shocking or amazing someone with information that one assumed would shock or amaze. Immobilation, the excited clarity one feels from learning a new word that describes an emotion they didn’t realize they felt. And then probably blignorant, which is blissful and ignorant, possessing a jolly naivete about the world. There’s also calamitunity, which is calamity plus opportunity, which means the prevention of a potential calamity by discovering an opportunity hidden within a disaster. Sue is always searching for a calamitunity.”


Eden as Sue from The Middle

Eden’s favorite emojis? “I don’t want to get dark but…. sometimes when I’m being dramatic, I just use the skull emojis all in a row, like when I’m really tired or something. I also really like the side eye.”

Her go to karaoke song? “Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ maybe, or 4 Non Blondes ‘What’s Up’ or TLC ‘No Scrubs.’ It kind of depends on the group, because I’ve also done Billy Joel ‘Uptown Girl.’”

The last movie she saw? “I’ve been watching 30 for 30, the OJ documentary.”

Her favorite TV show to binge watch? “Rick and Morty”

Finish this sentence: I cannot get out of bed until…. “I look at my phone at least every 10 minutes on the hour. I need to have completed the hour. Like it’s 9:30, but I have to wait until 10. It’s almost a compulsion…”


Do you have a word for….

…when you’re at a concert and singing along, but you don’t really know all the lyrics? “I kind of think it falls under the umbrella of feignderstand, which is feign plus understanding. To pretend to hear someone after asking them to repeat themselves 3+ times.”

…when someone tells you a joke that you just don’t get, so you laugh just a little too hard to overcompensate? “I don’t do that anymore, only because I’ve gotten caught…but it’s sort of like egonoia, which is egomaniac plus paranoia, It’s the belief that people are annoyed by and/or talking about oneself in an unbelievably negative light. There’s also solopsess, which is solipsism plus obsessed. It means to harbor emotions about embarrassing events that no one else remembers. So that scenario is a little bit like that. No one is thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about you.”